Collection: Embroidered Cards

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Discover our collection of luxury hand-embroidered pieces - original in design & concept. Each piece is individually hand embroidered with aesthetic and minimalist designs, making each one, completely unique & a forever keepsake.

We hand select our textured paper from a quaint, unassuming stationary shop tucked away in the nooks and crannies of a town in Gujarat, India. We ascended an extremely narrow (and somewhat precarious) & dusty staircase, passing through a humble, tiny door, and happened to stumble upon a cherished family-owned business with decades of experience crafting their own textured paper.  It was there, amidst stacks and mounds of different types of paper, that we spent several hours meticulously sifting through each one, almost blowing off the dust as we searched for the ideal material. A hidden gem, discovered.