Collection: Tablecloths

Handmade. Limited edition. Art.
Completely hand-embroidered 100% Indian linen tablecloths made slowly by the most talented craftspeople & artisans.
In our founder's ancestral family's farmhouse, we work with local artisans who hand-embroider our playful designs and stories onto meticulously sourced high-quality linen. Our artisanal tablecloths were born from a passion for preserving heritage craftsmanship. 
We believe every La Jambu tablecloth is more than a mere table covering; it is a tapestry of stories with a poetic and minimalist approach. Our artisans employ a distinct embroidery technique - testament to tradition and the artistry of Gujarat's long standing embroidery history. 
We nurture and collaborate with independent embroiderers from our ancestral village. They are artists in their own right, residing in Gujarat, sharing the same passion for this timeless craft. 
True to our principles, it was important for us that our embroidery is not just beautiful; but also intentionally conscious. Each La Jambu tablecloth is therefore one of a kind with extremely limited quantities, handcrafted with precision. 
La Jambu's tablecloths are where tradition, artistry, and sustainability intertwine. Embrace the elegance of unique hand-embroidered tablecloths that will be part of the fabric of your life memories made through your dinners; the ordinary and extraordinary.