Our story


Founded by Riya Patel, La Jambu was born through a passion for beautiful, unique, chic things. It brings together a love of British & Indian culture, art and design to create a curated edit of exclusive homeware & lifestyle products.

  • Original Designs.

    We pride ourselves on being an independently-owned creative brand. We focus on a curated selection of unique homeware & lifestyle products.
    Based in London, our designs blend contemporary British aesthetics/style with traditional Indian influences & intricate processes, resulting in modern, niche & high quality pieces.

    Designed in London - created in India. We truly believe we're blessed to collaborate & work with highly skilled local artisans & craftspeople. They employ ancient Indian techniques to bring our designs to life which we believe has culminated in a collection of distinct items.
    This means each & every product in our collection has been carefully considered, especially curated & intentionally created. Most of our pieces have started as an idea in our team’s minds. They are then meticulously brought to life and crafted through dozens of sketches & prototypes. Some of our products have been individually sourced & hand-chosen by our talented (and picky) team.
  • Slow Production.

    We want to be transparent from the offset.

    We don't identify as a fully sustainable brand. We're just being honest. This is because, at its core, we don't think many brands can be truly sustainable (in its purest sense). But. What we are trying to be, is, responsible, conscious & ethical in our decisions.
    What does that mean? It means we don't mass produce. Our production process is deliberately slow. Extremely talented grassroot artisans create our products in highly limited batches. We also try not to waste. We use plastic-free packaging where we can, including water based tape and no plastic bags, wrapping or covers. We pack all of our pieces for larger orders in cotton bags crafted from reclaimed off-cut materials (old curtains, slightly imperfect material etc).

    We know we aren't perfect. We have a long way to go but we believe collective responsibility (through small & large choices) could lead to sustainability. So, our commitment is that we will continue to improve & grow.
  • Quality Materials.

    High quality material has consistently held a pivotal role in our values & purpose. Mostly all of our fabric-based products are meticulously crafted from the highest-grade linen or cotton available. We dedicated months to the search for the ideal materials before we even began any work, ensuring that we source the finest materials to enable our vision to come to life.
    As we grow, we will continue to have a strong commitment to using high-quality materials, with a particular focus on organic options sourced ethically from Indian villages. We believe in creating art through empowering local artisans & preserving their cultural heritage.
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