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Hand Embroidered Diwali Tablecloth (Small)

Hand Embroidered Diwali Tablecloth (Small)

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Introducing our exclusive limited edition hand embroidered Diwali linen tablecloth, a true fusion of Indian Hindu tradition and British minimalist design. Crafted in the heart of London, created in India by the finest artisans - this tablecloth is a testament to the harmonious blend of cultures and aesthetics.

In our quest to create something truly distinctive, we sought to encapsulate the essence of Diwali, the festival of lights, in a design that marries British simplicity with Hindu tradition. The result is a tablecloth adorned with handwritten Diwali greetings in the Hindu script, adding a playful touch that mirrors the joy and celebration inherent to this festive occasion. This tablecloth will noy only grace your table this Diwali but also beautifully intertwines the cultural tapestries of two worlds, symbolising unity in diversity.

The embroidered words include:

mutya, chakri, farsi puri
saal mubarak
ram, sita, lakshman

Our tablecloth is meticulously crafted from 100% linen. We have dedicated considerable effort to find the ideal linen, resulting in what we think is the finest linen material that effortlessly exudes a casual elegance with its soft, casual feel which feels satisfyingly heavy without being overly stiff & formal.

This is the small size - 142cm x 188cm (rectangle)

Care Instructions
- All of our tablecloths are meticulously crafted by hand, making them delicate in nature. We kindly advise you to treat them with care.

- Washing: To maintain its best condition, please either dry clean or gently hand wash with natural soap. Refrain from using bleach, as it may harm the fabric.

- A handy ironing tip: We've chosen linen for our tablecloth designs because we adore the effortless and natural ambiance it brings. We appreciate the striking contrast of a traditionally formal tablecloth crafted from a relaxed, flowing material – that's the charm of our tablecloths, and we adore the way it elevates the tablescape, introducing an elegant drape. However, if you wish to eliminate stubborn wrinkles, ensure that the tablecloth is slightly damp; this will make ironing easier. When ironing your embroidered tablecloth (on the reverse side), do so while it's still damp, using a hot iron and plenty of steam. This should effectively smooth out any significant wrinkles.

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