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Hand Embroidered Chai - Kitli Card

Hand Embroidered Chai - Kitli Card

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Chai plays a vital role in the fabric of Indian society. It isn't just a beverage. It's a cultural phenomenon deeply ingrained in the daily lives of people. Chai serves as a social glue, bringing individuals together & fostering connections. Whether at home, in offices, or on street corners - chai stalls are bustling hubs of conversation & camaraderie. It’s something hundreds of thousands of Indians have brought with them to London. A piece of home in our new home. It represents the warmth of relationships, the shared simple moments of laughter & conversation, and the comfort of familiarity. A cultural icon. 

- Dimensions: Approx 18cm x 12.5cm
- Composition:  Lightly textured paper with a thick card backing.

Please note - All of our pieces come with a backing (can be seen in the picture). This ensures a sturdy, luxurious feel which works perfectly for framing/display. This also provides a border & space for you to write a note on the back, if you would like. 

For those who would prefer without a backing to see the intricate threads & stitching on the back - just leave us a note at checkout! Please note, this would leave limited space to write a note.

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