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Oversized Striped Green & White Bow

Oversized Striped Green & White Bow

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This Christmas - be bold. Attach your cool bow to your front door like a wreath.

Light wadding inside for fullness and a wire to allow you to manipulate the fullness of your bow to your desire. 

In line with our philosophy, all of our bows are handmade slowly with love and care. Each one, therefore, is unique and could have slight variations.

- Dimensions: Approx 46cm x 96cm

- Care: Each of our bows are sent in their own cotton bag, so if you choose to pack it away after your big day or a celebration, it can be stored safely for another time. Should your bow get a little bit dirty or requires a freshen up, try to gently spot wash by hand with a natural soap or gentle detergent. Our bows are best refreshed with a gentle steam.
- Composition: 100% cotton.

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